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Social support

All Aged Care provides highly personalised aged care and lifestyle services designed to meet your personal needs. Our highly qualified team are trusted to deliver aged care that respects your privacy, supports your independence, and treats you with dignity and respect.

At All Aged Care we recognise that sometimes living at home, perhaps by yourself can be lonely. Social support is a crucial part of excellent aged care service provision. Our highly trained professional caring team are part of a community that offers a range of group and individual social activities to meet your unique social needs.

Individual Activities

All Aged Care recognise that everyone is different so we provide culturally appropriate personalised in-home social support tailored to your specific needs.

All Aged Care in-home social support includes:

  • Enjoying social visits from bilingual carers who can speak your native language
  • Regularly enjoying a coffee and a chat at home with a familiar face
  • Staying up to date by being read newspapers or books if you are visually impaired
  • Staying connected with people by having regular visitors at home
  • Staying connected with your local community through our transport services for shopping trips and other outings from home

As with all our services, our social support services are delivered by a team of caring trained professional staff who are sensitive to your individual needs. Our in-home social support lets you stay connected with your community in a fun, stimulating way that suits you.

For more information on the individual social support services provided by All Aged Care call one of the team today on 07 3238 6700.

Group Activities

All Aged Care end-to-end aged care and lifestyle services can include a range of fun and stimulating group social activities that let you fully enjoy being part of our wonderful community.

Whether it’s a day trip to the beach, a talk at the OzPol Villa with lunch provided, or the chance to chat in Polish, there’s a lot to take part in.

Out-of-Home Group Activities

All Aged Care organises a range of culturally appropriate fun and stimulating activities including:

  • Gentle exercise
  • Garden walks
  • Films and videos
  • Singing
  • Topical discussion nights

We also organise a range of outings and bus trips, including pick up and drop off, that let you spend time outdoors and in the company of others. Popular tours have taken groups to the beach, the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast Hinterland, shopping, parks, public gardens and festivals.

Social Activities at the OzPol Villa

The OzPol Villa is home to a number of All Aged Care residents, like any community we love to spend time and do fun things together. OzPol Villa residents socialise and take part in a range of group activities including:

  • Picnics
  • Parties
  • Activities tailored around cultural and lifestyle needs
  • December tours to see Christmas light displays
  • Shopping bus trips and other day trips
  • Transport pickups and drop-offs for shopping

The Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme (ACVVS)

Under the Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme (ACVVS), All Aged Care extends its reach to individuals from diverse multicultural backgrounds, whether they reside in their homes or in nursing facilities. Our dedicated volunteers engages in meaningful interactions, fostering connections through casual conversations, coffee-sharing moments, communication in their native languages, and active participation in activities that bring them joy.  It’s a great way for multicultural seniors to stay connected to their culture and language.

All Aged Care group activities are coordinated by our team of caring trained professional staff who are sensitive to the needs of everyone in their care. They are designed to be fun, stimulating, engaging and safe.

For more information on the group social support services provided by All Aged Care call one of the team today on 07 3238 6700.

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