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Our People

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All Aged Care is passionate about people. The well-being of our clients is our top priority, and we’ve built a team of professionals who share that passion and that commitment.

We recognise that it takes a superior team to deliver our superior service and everyone on our team, regardless of job title, is here because they are committed to helping others through a personal service that treats clients with dignity, respect, care, and above all as an individual.

Delivering high quality aged care services takes more than just passion, it also takes ability. All Aged Care staff is a team of highly trained qualified professionals and we actively support the ongoing professional development of the team, with time off and financial support to maintain and upgrade skills.

It’s also important that clients feel they can trust us, and every new team member is required to undergo a police check before starting work, and the police check is repeated every three years.

All Aged Care are a community of professionals committed to the physical, social and emotional well-being of the individuals in our care. We are respectful of religious, cultural and personal beliefs and we work together as a team to make your journey in aged care a personal one.

Personalised aged care services tailored to you

We offer highly personalised aged care and lifestyle services to suit your individual needs and wants

Culturally diverse aged care services

Aged care services that value cultural understanding as well as care needs

Continuity of care you can trust
and rely on

Continuous aged care services delivered at the same time, on the same day and by the same person

Aged care support for the whole of your journey

A complete range of low and high level in-home services and accomodation choices that support your aged care journey from beginning to end