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What is home care?

A qualified, experienced and caring staff member visits you regularly in your home to assist you with those tasks that you may need some support with, such as domestic chores, cooking, showering, nursing and Allied Health.

How is home care funded?

A variety of ways depending on your own situation - you can choose either private services and/or Government subsidised services for example under the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) or Home Care Packages programs.

Where do you provide services?

Our care teams provide in home services in SE-QLD in the following regions
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Caboolture Region
  • Brisbane North
  • Brisbane South
  • Logan Region
  • Gold Coast Region
  • West Moreton Region

What if I don’t live in these regions – can you help?

Yes, we can. If we do not have care staff in your area, we have quality partner organisations we work with who can provide the direct service delivery on our behalf across Australia, with All Aged Care remaining your approved provider.

I speak a different language – can you help?

Yes, we can. We have clients from 34 different countries and our staff speak 30 different languages. Our area of speciality is supporting multi-cultural clients, their families and their communities.

What is the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)?

CHSP is basic and affordable lifestyle support which enables older people to receive some entry level assistance when needed. Services can include domestic, transport, Allied Health, social support and respite.

What is a Home Care Package?

An All Aged Care home care package provides care and lifestyle services that help you remain living independently at home as well as providing choice and flexibility. These consumer directed home care packages provide various levels of care and support designed around your own specific needs with a fully transparent budget, working closely with your own Care Manager.

What is the cost of an All Aged Care home care package?

The cost of an All Aged Care home care package varies depending on what you need and your individual financial situation – are you a full pensioner, partly self-funded or a fully self-funded retiree. Budgets are prepared based on the services you need for your consideration and approval. Please contact us directly for more information on the costs involved for your own situation.

Do you provide private services?

Yes we do offer private services, please contact us for an indivudal quote.

How do I access a home care package?

An assessment is required for determination on eligibility to receive funding for a home care package. This process starts with contacting My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or via their website to organise an assessment. We can provide support for you with this process.

What are the different levels of Home Care Packages (HCP)?

The four levels which have different amounts of Government subsidies attached to them are:
  • HCP Level 1 – basic care needs
  • HCP Level 2 – low level care needs
  • HCP Level 3 – intermediate care needs
  • HCP Level 4 – high level care needs

What changes from February 2017 in relation to choosing a provider?

From 27th February 2017, the home care package is assigned to the eligible consumer (you) from a national pool of available packages. You may then choose any approved home care provider in Australia to partner with; you are no longer restricted by geographical regions.

If I have an existing home care package with a different provider, can I change providers?

Yes, you can. From 27th February 2017, a home care package is portable enabling the consumer (you) to take it with you to any approved home care provider in any location in Australia.

What is an ACAT Assessment?

It is an assessment of your care and lifestyle needs which is carried out by a qualified person from the Aged Care Assessment Team, typically in your own home. They will find out what assistance you need, provide information on what level of Government support you can access and provide the ACAT approval for a home care package. All Aged Care provides support for you with this process, such as if language, cultural or other support is needed.

Do organisations need to be an approved provider to deliver subsidised Government funded care?

Yes, to be a provider of Government subsidised care the organisation must be an approved provider.

Does All Aged Care have 24/7 accommodation?

Yes we do. We have Ozpol Villa located in the suburb of Nundah, Brisbane. Ozpol Villa offers supported accommodation for people who are looking for 24/7 low care support and who still want to remain active and independent. Ozpol villa is particularly suited to those people sourcing a multi-cultural accommodation choice.

Can we have someone stay overnight in our home to provide respite?

Yes, we can provide this overnight service along with other respite options such as providing short term respite during the day in your home, at our weekly day respite centre or short term at Ozpol Villa.

Are there any after hours health care services available?

House Call Doctor is available after hours. They provide 100% bulk billed appointments. Call 13 55 66 or visit their website to make an appointment.

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