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About All Aged Care


Complete Care in your Golden Years

All Aged Care (previously known as Oz Pol Community Care Association) is a trusted, caring, responsive not-for-profit that delivers highly personalised aged care services tailored to the individual needs of a culturally diverse community.

Founded in 1997 All Aged Care grew out of a desire to meet the specific needs of a culturally diverse ageing Australian population. Working with Polish communities in the mid-1990s founder Irene Biedak realised the demand for care went beyond just social support.

Caring for her mum gave Irene first-hand experience of the challenges of providing holistic aged care that treated culturally diverse communities with dignity and respect, and inspired a passion that she channelled into building All Aged Care.

Your Aged Care Plan

All Aged Care deliver highly personalised aged care services that recognises no two individuals have the same needs. Our care and lifestyle plans are tailored to meet your unique needs, help you retain your independence at home as long as possible, and transition to an aged care home with dignity if and when the time is right. We match carers with clients based on care needs and cultural fit, and support that relationship with a dedicated care manager.

Your Connected Aged Care

Your home is your sanctuary and when you invite someone in you want to feel that you know and trust them. Our focus on continuity of care and service means you see the same carer at the same time on the same day as regularly as you need, whether it’s a few months or a few years. The All Aged Care team are qualified professionals chosen because they have the skills to meet your care needs, and the compassion to deliver those needs with respect for your privacy and your independence.

Your Complete Aged Care

All Aged Care are invested in your aged care from beginning to end. Your journey is our journey, and with a proven track record in both low care and high care, we can meet your care needs and help you transition to high care and end of life care, at home or in an aged care home, with dignity and respect when the time is right.

Our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • In-home care
  • Residential accomodation and care
  • Allied Health
  • Transport
  • Social Support
  • Day Respite
  • Transition care
  • DVA Community Nursing
  • Carer support
  • Multicultural Services
  • Translation / interpreter services
  • Community Visitor Scheme
  • Support for overseas visitors

We offer the best possible care as part of a comprehensive service that includes the skills and support of healthcare professionals such as registered nurses, podiatrists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and dieticians. This integrated approach supports your independence for as long as possible and means you are always assured of the right care at the right time.

Your Aged Care Team

Our services are provided by a highly trained, professional, caring team and we continually invest in their development so you can be confident of the highest standard of care. Some of them have been with us from the beginning. All are committed to our principles of duty, care, trust and respect. And we actively support the ongoing professional development of the team, with time off and financial support to maintain and upgrade skills.

All Aged Care have a proven track record of providing affordable aged care services designed to fit the individual needs and wishes of you and your family.

Personalised aged care services tailored to you

We offer highly personalised aged care and lifestyle services to suit your individual needs and wants

Culturally diverse aged care services

Aged care services that value cultural understanding as well as care needs

Continuity of care you can trust
and rely on

Continuous aged care services delivered at the same time, on the same day and by the same person

Aged care support for the whole of your journey

A complete range of low and high level in-home services and accomodation choices that support your aged care journey from beginning to end