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All Aged Care was established in 1997 and has an outstanding track record of delivering high quality culturally appropriate low and high care aged care services.

All Aged Care founder Irene Biedak became aware of the need for culturally sensitive aged care services in the mid-1990s when she was still working in travel and organising tours and trips as social support for the Polish community in Australia.

When some of the community wanted to return to Poland Irene found part of the reason was a lack of adequate care that catered specifically to their unique cultural needs. Irene realised she wanted to provide that care and after further enquiry found she could apply to the government for funding that would support that goal.

All Aged Care was incorporated 1999 and began providing low care to the Polish community in Brisbane packages under the home care system.

Irene started out as the care coordinator and built the trust of the community by getting to know them, learning about their needs, and building a care service around those needs.

As the organisation started to grow so did the team and Irene employed a care coordinator and other team members, some of whom are still working at All Aged Care today.

Over the next decade the team at All Aged Care continued to grow under the leadership of Irene, progressively expanding services as additional funding was sourced, to enable All Aged Care to maintain their reputation for delivering a highly personalised and culturally diverse aged care service.

In 2014 All Aged Care, received funding for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) that allowed them to expand further the range of services offered and broaden the geographic and cultural reach to include more locations and more diverse communities.

All Aged Care’s ability to deliver a highly personalised, culturally diverse, end to end range of aged care services has evolved over time. Irene built the organisation from the ground up and continues to inspire a team of dedicated professionals with her commitment and passion for aged care.

In 2016, All Aged Care were successful in becoming Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA) community nursing providers and rebranded our organisation to better reflect the breadth of our services, and the diversity of the communities we serve.

Today All Aged Care offers a comprehensive range of low to high care services tailored to the specific needs of the individual at every stage of their aged care journey.

Personalised aged care services tailored to you

We offer highly personalised aged care and lifestyle services to suit your individual needs and wants

Culturally diverse aged care services

Aged care services that value cultural understanding as well as care needs

Continuity of care you can trust
and rely on

Continuous aged care services delivered at the same time, on the same day and by the same person

Aged care support for the whole of your journey

A complete range of low and high level in-home services and accomodation choices that support your aged care journey from beginning to end