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Audrey Hogarth's Story

Audrey Hogarth celebrated her 100th birthday at a party at Sanctuary Cove in December 2016 surrounded by family and friends. Afterwards she headed back to her home in Runaway Bay.

Thanks to her in-home care from All Aged Care, Audrey is still able to live independently in her own home. Cleaning, cooking, personal care, physio and nursing services area all part of the care Audrey receives three hours a day, five days a week.

After a hospital stay doctors recommended that Audrey think about moving into a nursing home but she resisted and thanks to All Aged Care she is still able to live the way she wants.

“They do everything necessary for her to help her maintain independence. Because she really doesn’t want to live in a home,” says her son George.

For Audrey holding on to her independence is vital, but she has also come to depend on her carer for more than just the chance to live at home.

“Mum has become very attached to the lady who comes out.” says George. Dorota is more than just carer; she has become a friend.

Getting Audrey to her birthday party meant organising someone to drive her there and drop her home after. Dorota didn’t hesitate to volunteer, picking her up and then dropping her home and getting her to bed after the party.

All Aged Care are a part of Audrey’s life now and she’s very happy with the services she’s getting, says George. The whole team are very good, he says.

“Without their help it would be very difficult for her to live alone.”


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